Monday, 28 July 2014

A whew days ago I started this story narrative writing I like he part when Christi eats the apple

The mysterious glowing
Christi was wandering thru the forest she had golden hair and was wearing a red t shirt,dark pants a leather jacket and some big black boots.  The forest was big with massive tall trees and lakes these lakes were pitch black you couldn't see thru  with
lots of colourful insects she had seen someone so she went up to it she was an old lady her name was Mary.  Mary was wearing some pointy boots a black coat and gloves she gave Christi an apple the apple was glowing so she ate it but when Christi bit the apple she turned into a ugly old witch.  Mary was a witch then Mary turned into a ferocious dragon and the dragon was green with big scales and a spiky back and a pointy tail somebody had to save her prince charming had to come and rescue her. So Christi waited and waited finally her prince charming came he had to kill the dragon so prince charming got out his sword and defeated the beast then Christi turned beautiful and Christi was so happy when she turned back to her normal self again so Christi carried on walking thru the forest.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Last term we started these posters and me Toa and Mitchell did this poster responsible I think we did ok but next time I would like to put effort in to it.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Show don't tell

Today in writing we made these story's to show we are playing hide and seek. And the part I like is when she gets closer and closer.

“Ready or not here I come.” I tried to find a spot “there ‘s one yes” as I heard  great big foot steps like a giant oh no she’s close. I tried to be like a statue I was by tree’s so I hopped in the bush's trying not to make a noise my heart was pounding she was getting closer and closer. No one can find me I didn't make a noise whew she had gone yes I could move again I hid behind a tree then I started to run she kept getting closer. When I started to get hungry I could smell mum baking a cake I ran around the house as fast as I can trying to look for different places I could hear the bush's scuffling boo found you oh man. I win you lose I win you lose then I sprinted to my mum’s cake and munched it up delicious.