Thursday, 3 July 2014

Show don't tell

Today in writing we made these story's to show we are playing hide and seek. And the part I like is when she gets closer and closer.

“Ready or not here I come.” I tried to find a spot “there ‘s one yes” as I heard  great big foot steps like a giant oh no she’s close. I tried to be like a statue I was by tree’s so I hopped in the bush's trying not to make a noise my heart was pounding she was getting closer and closer. No one can find me I didn't make a noise whew she had gone yes I could move again I hid behind a tree then I started to run she kept getting closer. When I started to get hungry I could smell mum baking a cake I ran around the house as fast as I can trying to look for different places I could hear the bush's scuffling boo found you oh man. I win you lose I win you lose then I sprinted to my mum’s cake and munched it up delicious.

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