Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Ben The Giant

A few days ago I started this peace of writing and I think I tried my best to do this and I hope you like it too

WALT: Show not tell to describe and expand on one feature of our character

Once there lived a man taller than a 10 story building.  His name was Ben His eyes were black as night and his hair was gold as the sun.  Ben had big massive ears with craters in them, bugs could crawl into his ear, his ear wax was green which was a solid substance, he had ugly ear rings in his ears.  His teeth were razor sharp he had no eyebrows because when he grew eyebrows they were huge and his nose was fat as a tree.


  1. Kia ora Kara from Mrs Morgan-French. I have such a clear picture in my head of Ben,s eyes and hair, and the bugs crawling out of his ears - sent shivers down my spine.

    1. Thanks Mrs Morgan-French for commenting on my Blog. Yeah that's how I felt