Tuesday, 14 October 2014

yesterday we had to write a recount about what we did on the holidays this was my holiday the best thing was going for a swim at the beach.

The Holidays

On the holidays my sister, my mum and I went to my nan’s house in Whangarei.  We went to the beach, played with the dog her name was Poppy.  She was a good dog every time we took her to the beach she went crazy like a cut snake because there were other dogs around.  

I had to paint the fence white it took ages.  I had to paint every crack and line my poppa told me to stop because I did enough.  So I went inside and my aunty said "lets go to the beach?" and I said "ok lets go!" so I zoomed
to the beach as fast as I could.

The waves were huge so I jumped in the sparkly water.  The water was so nice and cool like ice.  The sand was burning hot like lava my aunty said "it’s time to go home" so we started walking back it was nearly time to go back to Kaikohe.

The End

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